David Radobenko

Game Developer. Programmer. Gameplay Designer

About Me

As a passionate gamer, I always questioned myself what tricks games uses to optimize their games, how they bring Art to life with shaders and how gameplay mechanics are been implemented.
With gameplay usability and game optimization in mind, I strive to improve my skills as a Programmer to create the best gaming experience players can have.

At heart, I'm also a competitor. I was one of the best players in Europe at the Game "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" but as I'm getting older, my passion to create something on my own grew and I stopped competing a lot less.

I see myself as an Unreal Engine Online Gameplay Multiplayer programmer and have a soft spot for Stylized Graphics, so I spent time experimenting with Cel Shading and 3D Art.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Creating a flexible, extendable and maintainable Gameplay Framework for Online Multiplayer. Ensure Players have a smooth Experience with Client side prediction.

Unreal Engine Generalist

Building UI. Creating Animation Locomotion and Control Rig. Performance Optimization. Being the guidance for Animation and Graphic Designers. Shader and VFX creation.


Create Project Structure and guidelines for the Team. Automatic Builds with Jenkins. Teaching Scrum and maintaining it. Git, Perforce. GameDev tools for Game Designers.


Aim Gods

Aim Gods

It's a World of Warcraft Arena Battle meets Shooter 2vs2 Multiplayer Game. I was responsible for the Abilities and everything tied to them like VFX (I did not created Assets). I did more then 60 abilities for the game with the Gameplay Ability System. Here is a quick video
and here the Website for the game:

Circuits & Shields

Circuits & Shields is the Latest Indie Project that I was working on that was developed with the Unreal Engine 4. I mainly developed with GAS (Gameplay Ability System) by implementing Abilities and helping the Team out by, for example, handling Cooldown and Ability costs.
Website: https://circuitsandshields.com/

Robo Hearts

In Robo Hearts you match as many Robos together as possible. At Vividchain AG, in a group of 3 people, we developed the free casual Android Game called Robo Hearts.
Google Play Store:

University Projects

The Game with two running lanes, called Light Runner, is an Endless Runner / Shooter 1 vs 1 Online Mutiplayer developed in Unreal Engine 4.
The other Project was a Unity Game, where you, a stranded boy solves puzzles and collects Materials to build a Rocket, to leave the foreign planet.

Unreal Engine 4 Courses

To refine my skills I took several Courses to get to know the Editor, learn Blueprint and UE4++ (C++) or create a Network Multiplayer game fully in UE4++.

Ray Tracer / OpenGL

In the University I learned to code a Raytracer and the basics of OpenGL. With interest in Optimizing code, I dig deaper into OpenGL / C++ in my free time, to understand how code can be optimized to get the most of the system.

Contact Me

E-Mail: d.radobenko@yahoo.de