David Radobenko

Game Developer. Programmer. Gameplay Designer

About Me

My heart beats for game development, especially within the Unreal Engine ecosystem. I’m an active member in the Unreal Engine community, contributing to the Unreal Engine, staying up-to-date with the latest tech, plugins, and solutions.

My co-workers appreciate my positive attitude and collaborative spirit. I actively seek opportunities to assist my colleagues, whether it’s streamlining processes, creating tools, or offering guidance.

Whether it’s exploring innovative features or troubleshooting complex issues, I’m always eager to dive into figuring out the best solution, whether it’s related to programming or other disciplines like animation or VFX.

At heart, I'm also a competitor. I was one of the best players in Europe at the Game "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" but as I'm getting older, my passion to create something on my own grew and I stopped competing.

I see myself as an Unreal Engine Online Gameplay Multiplayer programmer and have a soft spot for Stylized Graphics, so I also spent time experimenting with Cel Shading and 3D Art.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Creating a flexible, extendable and maintainable Gameplay Framework for Online Multiplayer. Ensure Players have a smooth and responsive Experience.

Unreal Engine Generalist

UI. Animation Locomotion, Control Rig. CPU + GPU Performance Optimization. Editor and Debug Tools. Implementing and modifying VFX, Sound. Windows, Android and PS5 Platform Development.


Maintaining Project Structure, Code base.
Automation tools: Jenkins, TeamCity, Unreal Horde. Other Tools: Perforce, Unreal Game Sync, BugSplat, Game Analytics.


Static RPG (2023 - now)

I’m working currently on my own Project. It is an Action RPG with Fighting Game Elements. I’m in the Prototype phase currently. It is based on the Lyra Sample Project from Epic Games. Now that I’m my own Boss I took the time to learn more about new tools to empower myself and my co-workers, so we spent more time on developing the actual game and not wasting time solving problems. Here is a summary of some of the tools that I now use.

Team City

TeamCity is a tool to Automate Processes. Previously I used Jenkins, but after trying out TeamCity I stook with it. 
I automated building the Project and my Custom Unreal Engine after each Commit. I also have a Build Job which uploads my latest game version to steam, so play testers can playtest the latest version. This will also send a Discord message automatically with the newest patch notes:

The patch notes are writing when a Developer is writing their Commit Message. My system recognizes which Patch notes are new and lists them in the Discord Notification Message.

Game Analytics

I use GameAnalytics to collect User Data to Analyse player behavior:


Bug Splat

In case the game crashes for a User they will get greeted by a Crash Report Window, where they can add additional information on what they did just before their game crashes. Via Bug Splat I collect this data and can directly debug the issue and fix Bugs.


Unreal Horde

Since UE5.4 released, they also wrote documentation about their Unreal Horde Automation Tool. I tested it out and decided to use Unreal Horde instead of TeamCity. It’s support for Unreal Engine is stronger and it communicates with other tools like UnrealGameSync which is perfect if you want to collaborate with other Developers.


Unreal Game Sync

I have co-workers who don’t have programming or Source Control (Git, Perforce) experience. For this there is another Application where they can start creating their workspace, download the Project and start developing without learning to much and that’s Unreal Game Sync. Since we host a custom Unreal Engine on Perforce, every developer would normally need to compile the Unreal Engine after each Engine change which could take hours to complete. We don’t want that and together with Unreal Horde and Unreal Game Sync only one Programmer needs to compile the Unreal Engine and the compiled binaries to start the Engine gets uploaded. Unreal Game Sync downloads these Compiles Binaries for each Developer so they they able to start developing right away.


Neo Berlin 2087 (2021 - 2023)

As the primary person responsible for the Unreal Engine project, I designed workflows to enable the team to work independently and efficiently. Initially, I handled all aspects of programming, including AI, UI, animation locomotion, gameplay, tools, and systems.
Later, in my role as Lead Programmer, I onboarded new team members and guided them.
Additionally, I developed automated processes for deploying our game on multiple platforms, such as the PlayStation 5.

Aim Gods (2020 - 2021)

AimGods combines elements of World of Warcraft Arena Battle and traditional shooters in a 2 vs 2 multiplayer format. Players choose spells with various effects, emphasizing teamwork and coordination. I was responsible for implementing the 60+ Abilities to work in a Multiplayer environment by utilizing the Gameplay Ability System Framework.

Circuits & Shields (2020)

Circuits & Shields is an Indie Project that I was working on that was developed with the Unreal Engine 4. I mainly developed with GAS (Gameplay Ability System) by implementing Abilities and helping the Team out by, for example, handling Cooldown and Ability costs.

Robo Hearts + Scoutside (2018 - 2019)

At Vividchain AG, in a group of 3 people, we developed the free casual Android Game called Robo Hearts using Unity.
In Robo Hearts you match as many Robos together as possible.

Besides Robo Hearts we also worked on the game Scoutside which is a GPS based game similar to Pokemon GO.
No photo description available.

Ray Tracer / OpenGL

In the University I learned to code a Raytracer and the basics of OpenGL. With interest in Optimizing code, I dig into OpenGL / C++ in my free time, to deepen my understanding of 3D Rendering.

Unreal Engine 4 Courses

To refine my skills I took several Courses to get to know the Editor, learn Blueprint and C++ or create a Network Multiplayer game fully in C++.

University Projects

The Game with two running lanes, called Light Runner, is an Endless Runner / Shooter 1 vs 1 Online Mutiplayer developed in Unreal Engine 4.
The other Project was a Unity Game, where you, a stranded boy solves puzzles and collects Materials to build a Rocket, to leave the foreign planet.

Contact Me

E-Mail: d.radobenko@yahoo.de